KATARA by kola411

I made this because I'm so sick of all the censorship on Deviantart. So, let's show Katara in all her glory, censors be damned. I'm all for tasteful, 'artistic' nudity (with no naughty bits in the pic), but enough is enough. In this case, I don't even want to censor myself.

Apparently it's a 'thing' now to use yoga balls for sex. Or, as one enterprising retailer calls it, a 'bondage ball'. 
Now, Katara doesn't have plastic, but she could slice a water skin real thin, then stretch it with water so it's almost transparent.
Then she'd roil the water inside the ball to move it around, or create waves inside the waterball to mimic the waves in her body,
or just do what comes natural with her sweetie.

Here's the original pic (before I asked for corrections to skin color and pubic hair). Still beautiful (even if slightly off).