Featuring very sexy (but non-pornographic) pinups
of my favorite teen heroines from comics and animation.
(And when I say "teen", I don't mean 18- or 19-year olds.)
Don't call them jailbait - these are good girls!
But they're not above being a tease.

Art by Naranjou

To Donnie

Art by Reit
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Let Freedom Ring!
With Sarah Phillips from Liberty's Kids and the Liberty Bell

Art by Inspector97

Miraculous Ladybug at the Beach

Art by LindaRoze

Jinora, Tuyen and Ikki on the beach

Art by Reit

Is Katara real?

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Violet Parr and the Super Suit
Art by JonathanBN

Terra - Prisoner of Love
Art by Chris Dean NearHentai

Caution: Wet Paint(ed Lady) - Katara as a real Painted Lady
Art by tijuanabiblescholar

Wherein we transform X-rated scenes that can't be viewed by everyone
into PG-rated pics featuring young teen heroines that all can enjoy
and, bonus, can't be deleted by prudes for 'breaking the rules'.






Wherein we re-imagine popular heroines as hot young teenagers
(A teenheroines.com exclusive feature!)


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