Featuring very sexy pinups of my favorite teen heroines from comics and animation.
(And when I say 'teen', I don't mean 18- & 19-year olds. Giggity!)

Here's teen Eri (My Hero Academia), our poster girl for the New Year
Let's hope 2022 isn't a rewind of 2021

Art by Poppezinga

Christmas 2021

Chloe and Zoe (Miraculous Ladybug) in the gift-giving mood
(Of course, Chloe thinks she's the greatest gift of all!)

Art by FoxyArt

Ritsu (Assassination Classroom) has a gift e-card for everyone
(Just open her box)

Art by lalox

Ironheart wishes everyone a Merry (and High Tech) Xmas
(Oooh, Holograms and an AI!)

Art by Saberrung

At Christmas, thoughts turn to sugarplums and sweets.
Or, more specifically, Violet Parr as the Sugarplum Fairy

Art by UnholySoul

Christmas Nasties XXX Adults Only

Halloween 2021

Violet Parr and her Incredible Parents in an homage to Aurora's Monster Scene Model kits

  Model good looks by Oozutsucannon

Here's what the model kits looked like in 1971

Some (ignorant) people have asked "Can women drive a stick (shift)?"
  Witches have firmly answered in the affirmative.

Sabrina The Teenage Witch also answers this question
(in her own special way)

Art by lalox

The hapless Charlie Brown always came up short at Halloween

The elementally-powered Terra (of the Teen Titans) doesn't have that problem

Art by Saberrung


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